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Get internet access without the wires with CLEAR Internet. CLEAR gives you the freedom to move around anywhere in CLEAR's coverage with a high speed connection to the internet. Use it at home or on the road. No need to struggle with poor bandwidth at insecure hotspots. You don't need to search for coffee shops or pay extra for slow hotel internet connections. CLEAR is fast, reliable, and easily accessible with coverage that extends throughout the whole city.

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$50 a Month with No Contract

Don't get stuck with annual contracts, get the flexibility you deserve at a price you can afford. All with the speed of Comcast and Fios but with the advantage of mobility.



Value Added

4G Truly Unlimited Service

When you hit 5GB of internet with AT&T and Verizon they will charge you extra, when you hit 5GB with T-Mobile they will slow you down. With Clear 4G we don't limit your internet and we don't slow you down either.




Fanatical Customer Service

If you are looking to get service please call us at (800)319-4757 for our sales team and if you are an existing customer please call the 24/7 customer support desk at: (888)888-3113.